Light Bites & Sweets


 Jumbo Shrimp with ICE’s Signature Spicy Cocktail Sauce and a wedge of Lemon


 An Assortment of fine Meats and Cheeses with seasonal fruits and Gourmet Crackers served on a piece of slate (Serves 2-4 ppl)

ICE’s Cheese Spread & Crackers

 Philadelphia Cream Cheese topped with ICE’s zesty seasoned sauce served with Gourmet Crackers (Serves 3-5 ppl)

Caprese Skewers Fresh locally grown ruby red ripe tomatoes, Mozzarella and crisp green apples on skewers finished off with a drizzle of Pesto Dressing
Hummus & Pitas
Hummus dip served with warm pitas
Buffalo Peanuts These tantalizingly sweet and spicy peanuts will make your taste buds dance! Loaded with flavor, these peanuts pack an initial sweet taste followed up with a spicy buffalo kick
Strawberry NY Style Cheesecake New York Style Cheesecake drizzled with Ghirardelli Strawberry Syrup topped off with Mint & fresh sweet Strawberries
Ice Cream A scoop of Ice Cream(Ask your server for today’s flavor)